Siya Tarkar

Consulted for Cataract Surgery

My mother in law had cataract and because I heard that Dr Hegde is very popular, hence I brought my mother in law here for surgery. She is very happy. My family is very grateful. Thank you dr Hegde. You took good care of us. God bless you.

Rohini Angne

Laser Procedures for Retinal Diseases

My mother is 77 years old. She was treated with due respect. Again and again she was explained with all the medication and mode of treatment. And I feel the charges were reasonable.


Consulted for Eye Pain Evaluation/ Treatment

I felt like I got plenty of time to explain my issues without feeling rushed. Doctor is Very observant, Friendly , explained the problem in detail and with patience. PS: the receptionist is very friendly and helpful, it the small details that count.

Vikrant Singh

Consulted for Red Eyes

Dr Verdith is really good and he treats every patient really well. He ** **** ************* *** **** explain each and every thing in detail. The clinic has all the updated equipments and the staff is also very friendly. I recommend Vijay Jyoth clinic for any eye problem.

Anshul Turkar

Eye Checkup - General

A great doctor and eye specialist. Loved his approach of elimination of illness rather than suppressing it for temporary relief. His examination is very thorough and goes to root cause which is greatly appreciated. Please visit him if any eye related issue though I pray it doesn’t happen to anyone. Very happy with the treatment.