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Glaucoma is the term used to portray a gathering of eye sicknesses that harm the optic nerve, the nerve that associates the eye to the mind. Whenever left untreated glaucoma can bring about visual deficiency. In the more typical types of glaucoma, there is expanded weight in the eye which pushes on the optic nerve and causes a slow loss of fringe vision. Best glaucoma treatment center in Kanjurmarg.

There are two fundamental sorts of glaucoma:

Open-point glaucoma – Additionally called wide-edge glaucoma, this is the most well-known kind of glaucoma. The structures of the eye seem ordinary, however liquid in the eye doesn’t stream appropriately through the channel of the eye, called the trabecular meshwork.

Edge conclusion glaucoma – Likewise called intense or ceaseless point conclusion or tight edge glaucoma. Poor seepage is caused on the grounds that the edge between the iris and the cornea is excessively thin and is genuinely hindered by the iris. This condition prompts an unexpected development of weight in the eye.


Glaucoma regularly happens in grown-ups over age 40, however it can likewise happen in youthful grown-ups, youngsters, and even babies. For a great many people, there are typically not many or no indications of glaucoma. Best glaucoma treatment center in Kanjurmarg. The main indication of glaucoma is regularly the loss of fringe or side vision, which can go unnoticed until late in the illness. This is the reason glaucoma is regularly called the “sneak cheat of vision. “Detecting glaucoma early is one explanation you ought to have a total test with an eye master each one to two years. Every so often, intraocular weight can ascend to serious levels. In these cases, abrupt eye torment, migraine, obscured vision, or the presence of radiances around lights may happen.

In the event that you have any of the accompanying side effects, look for sure fire clinical consideration:

Seeing coronas around lights

Vision misfortune

Redness in the eye

Eye that looks foggy (especially in babies)

Sickness or heaving

Agony in the eye

Narrowing of vision (limited focus)


When in doubt, harm brought about by glaucoma can’t be turned around. Eye drops, laser surgery, and surgery in the working room are utilized to help forestall further harm. Now and again, oral meds likewise might be recommended. With a glaucoma, intermittent assessments are imperative to forestall vision misfortune. Since glaucoma can advance without your insight, acclimations to your treatment might be important every now and then.

Glaucoma OCT: The Glaucoma module of the OCT helps in the better understanding and the executives of glaucoma. OCT is one of the propelled devices to early distinguish glaucoma as right on time as 20% harm.


Glaucoma is frequently treated with eye drops taken normally a few times each day, here and there in blend with pills. These drugs will modify the course of eye liquid and lower eye pressure, either by diminishing the creation of liquid inside the eye, or by expanding the stream leaving the seepage edge. It is imperative to enlighten the entirety of your primary care physicians regarding the eye drugs you are utilizing in light of the fact that glaucoma prescriptions can have reactions. Best Glaucoma Treatment Center in Kanjurmarg. You ought to advise promptly in the event that you figure you might be encountering symptoms. Symptoms from some eye drops may incorporate a stinging sensation, red eyes, obscured vision, migraines, or changes in heartbeat, heartbeat or relaxing. Symptoms from pills may incorporate shivering of fingers and toes, laziness, loss of craving, gut anomalies, kidney stones, iron deficiency or draining issue.

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TREATMENT: The treatment for glaucoma relies on the nature and seriousness of each case. When all is said in done, glaucoma can’t be restored, yet it very well may be controlled. Eye drops, pills, laser systems, and careful activities are utilized to forestall or slow further harm from happening. Best Glaucoma Treatment Center in Kanjurmarg. With a glaucoma, normal eye assessments are critical to recognize movement and to forestall vision misfortune. Since glaucoma can compound without your monitoring it, your treatment will probably should be changed after some time to accomplish a lower “target eye pressure.”

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